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Whats the one sure-fire way to entertain any group of people, regardless of age, sex,
religion, or ethnic background? A Mime of course! But as everyone knows, Mimes are in
hibernation at this time of year, so you turn to the magical stylings of Jacob Johnson!
"What in the world is a Jacob Johnson?" you're probably asking yourselves. Jacob Johnson
is a magician, comedian, performance artist, and all around nice guy. For nearly ten
years, Jacob has been performing his unique brand of magic for anyone that would watch,
often times putting on shows for his stuffed animals ("Only for practice" he asserts).
The result is a tight, well thought out show that is sure to delight and entertain anyone!

And he's single too!
In Jacobs show, you will see loads of witty humor (including classics such as "Irony" and
"Puns") and magic that you won't believe unless you're a small child with no pre-concieved
notions about reality and the laws of physics!You'll see predictions made before the
show come true;intricate, knuckle-busting slieght of hand performed inches away from the
audience, and sometimes he just makes it up as he goes, but hey, it's more interesting
that way! If you can't wait to see a real live wierd person in his element, then click on
the "contact" page to see how you can hire Jacob Johnson for your next event!

Here's what other people are saying about Jacob Johnson...

"If he wasn't so funny, he would be institutionalized!"

"Just like David Blaine, but without the camera tricks!"

"Look out Copperfield! Because I think Jacob may be stalking you...
I mean I don't think he would seriously try anything, but just be careful."

"Jacob is the Arsenio Hall of magic, but in a good way!"

"I've Seen Worse!"

Go to the Contact page to find out
how you can book Jacob Johnson for your next event!